Made By: JS Photo Virtue Glass Co.  Virtue Flame Works will provide an unforgettable retail and glassblowing experience to all our visitors, students and peers and deliver world class training to the next generation of glass artists. We are pleased to announce the grand opening of Virtue Flame Works on April 1, 2013. The state of the art facility was built in 2009 and we have the pleasure of re-opening it and shaping it into the best glass blowing facility on the East Coast. The studio consists of 26 stations, two tables of eight and two sections of 5 stations. The studio will be available to both soft glass and borosilicate glass workers seven days a week! We will offer daily weekly and monthly rates, both with and without torch. We will also be a one stop shop and have all the best to offer in raw glass, tools and will be adding on torches and kilns. We will be offering classes – on all levels of soft and borosilicate. Starting off with Rashan Jones, of Tucson Az, in the opening week, classes still being determined. The second week we welcome back Jody Renee Lee with a bead glass and also the first Boro Basic glass with Matt Sanborn aka Lovething Glass. Can’t wait to meet the old and welcome the new!! Amy and Matt     Glass blowing is a unique experience. Whether you would like to try it just for fun or as a possible occupation, our classes will work for you. Hours - Monday to Friday 10-7 and saturday and sunday 10-6 Studio rentals with torch $10/hours, $45/day, $200/week, $500/month 12118 Nebel St Rockville, Maryland 12118 Nebel St Rockville, Maryland (240) 444-4410